It is estimated that by 2022, China's gas meter market will reach 60 million units

 2020-07-06 10:25:23  

        At this stage, China's smart gas meter integrates multiple functions such as data perception, air storage, query, remote monitoring, and real-time warning, which greatly improves the convenience of consumers and the efficiency of the operation and management of gas companies. The penetration rate continues to increase. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the upgrade of user needs, gas meters have gradually moved from mechanization to informationization, intelligence, and networking. They have developed from the original all-mechanical structure to a membrane gas meter, an IC card membrane gas meter, The IC card smart gas meter, remote transmission/remote control smart gas meter, Internet of things smart gas meter and other complete gas meter series products with various types and functions.

        Gas meter is an important part of gas system, and its market demand is closely related to natural gas permeability. In the context of energy structure adjustment, the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the increase in the proportion of natural gas in the one-time energy consumption structure. The "coal to gas" process has continued to advance, and the coverage of the natural gas network has continued to expand, driving the continuous growth of my country's gas meter demand. In the era of smart cities and the Internet of Things, smart gas meters have greatly improved the safety operations, service quality, and economic efficiency of gas companies, so their market penetration rate has increased rapidly.

        With the popularity of gas and the improvement of gas companies' gas operation and management levels, the base and proportion of smart gas meters have both steadily increased. The number of smart gas meters has increased from 9.33 million units in 2012 to 33.02 million units in 2018. The market share of smart gas meters in 2018 reached 71.57%. At present, there are about 150 million residential gas meters operating online in China. Among them, smart gas meters 30-40 million units.

Source: China Industry Information Network

         In recent years, the growing demand for natural gas consumption in China has driven the continuous growth of the gas meter market; with the further popularization of natural gas, the implementation of the tiered gas price policy, the advancement of information technology, and the demand for gas meter smart management service levels by gas operators The scale of the gas meter market continues to expand. In 2013, the sales volume of the smart gas meter market was 11.94 million units, and in 2017, the sales volume of the smart gas meter market was 26.65 million units. It is estimated that by 2022, the sales volume of the gas meter market will reach about 60 million units.