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Comparison of stepping electronic meters and traditional electric meters

With the progress of domestic rural power grid construction and reconstruction projects, every household needs to install watt-hour meters. The current electronic watt-hour meter is a relatively novel electrical energy metering device. Its advantages are accurate timing, long service life, and low power consumption. Wide range of applications. This kind of watt-hour meter is mainly composed of plastic cover, magnet, motor, rotating shaft, gear, character wheel housing and other components. Its main disadvantage is that the components are separated and installed, gears and motor parts are inserted into the plastic housing, and the motor torque cannot be measured separately. , The installation process also has large tolerances, and the motor shaft is directly inserted into the hole of the plastic cover plate, causing the motor shaft and the plastic plate to rub directly, thus increasing the motor damping torque and reducing the service life of the watt-hour meter. In addition, the motor housing It is fixed and installed with a plastic cover. It is difficult to preven...

It is estimated that by 2022, China's gas meter market will reach 60 million units

        At this stage, China's smart gas meter integrates multiple functions such as data perception, air storage, query, remote monitoring, and real-time warning, which greatly improves the convenience of consumers and the efficiency of the operation and management of gas companies. The penetration rate continues to increase. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the upgrade of user needs, gas meters have gradually moved from mechanization to informationization, intelligence, and networking. They have developed from the original all-mechanical structure to a membrane gas meter, an IC card membrane gas meter, The IC card smart gas meter, remote transmission/remote control smart gas meter, Internet of things smart gas meter and other complete gas meter series products with various types and functions.

        Gas meter is an important part of gas system, and its market demand is closely related to natural gas permeabil...